GigaSports 10公里賽 2018

GigaSports 10K Race 2018


所屬項目: 長跑

賽事時間: 2018-10-28

比賽詳情 Competition Details

冠名贊助 Title Sponsor GigaSports
地點 Venue 科學園高錕會議中心廣場(金蛋)
Charles K. Kao Auditorium (Golden Egg), Science Park
賽事日期 Race Date 28 / 10 / 2018
活動時間 Time 08:00a.m
名額 Quota 額滿即止 First come, first served
報名費用 Entry Fee HK$250 (十公里10K)
HK$180 (五公里女子5K Women)
證書費用Certificate Fee $35 張Each
(將於賽後2個月內寄出 Will distribute within 2 months of the event)
賽事網頁 Website
查詢熱線 Hotline 2117 1650
電郵 Email


GigaSports 會員優先報名
GigaSports VIP Pre-Registration
GigaSports 會員
GigaSports VIP
由09/7至18/7,GigaSports VIP可優先報名參加GigaSports 10公里賽2018!
From 09/07/2018 to 18/07/2018, GigaSports VIP can enjoy priority enrollment of GigaSports 10K Race! First-come first-served, expired once quota is full.
#備註 Remarks

  • 於GigaSports官方網站登記有效之會員資料,獲取優先碼。
    GigaSports VIP who registers with valid membership details on GigaSports website will receive a priority passcode.
  • 憑優先碼到賽事網站即可優先登記參加比賽。
    With the priority passcode, please visit event website for priority enrollment of GigaSports 10K Race.
  • 每組有效之優先碼可用作優先登記乙次。
    Each priority passcode can only be used for pre-registration once.
  • 名額有限,先報先得。額滿即止。
    First-come first-served, expired once quota is full.
  • 如有任何爭議,大會保留行使此優惠之最終決定權 。
    In case of any dispute, the matters are subjected to the final decision of the organizer.


參賽組別 Race Category
(比賽組別以出生年份計算 Race Category is calculated by year of birth)


10公里組別 10K Race Category
男子組 Male 女子組 Female
組別 Category 出生年份
Year of Birth
組別 Category 出生年份
Year of Birth
Male 16-19
1999 - 2002 女子16-19歲
Female 16-19
1999 - 2002
Male 20-29
1989 - 1998 女子20-29歲
Female 20-29
1989 - 1998
Male 30-39
1979 - 1988 女子30-39歲
Female 30-39
1979 - 1988
Male 40-49
1969 - 1978 女子40-49歲
Female 40-49
1969 - 1978
Male 50-59
1959 - 1968 女子50歲或以上
Female 50 year old or above
1968或以前or before
Male 60 year old or above
1958或以前or before    


5公里女子組別 5K Women Race Category
組別 Category 出生年份
Year of Birth
Female 16-19
1999 - 2002
Female 20-29
1989 - 1998
Female 30-39
1979 - 1988
女子 40-49歲
Female 40 -49
1969 - 1978
Female 50 year old or above
1968或以前or before


賽事路線圖 Route Map


Each participant will receive one ASICS Event T-shirt.

* 圖片只供參考。 Photos are for your reference only.

Size Chart (For reference ONLY)

Center Back Length (cm)
66.5 68 69.8 72.3 73.8 75.7
1/2 Chest Width (cm)
41 43.5 47 50 53.5 56


**尺寸以身體為基準 (不是指衣物的尺寸)
**Size refers to body measurement, not garment dimensions.
How to measure:
Around the chest, just under the arms and across the shoulder blades


[請留意今次賽事 T恤尺碼為日本尺碼,比一般尺碼細一號]


[Please note the event t-shirt is one size smaller than average size]
^Tee size availability is provided on a first come first serve basis during registration and subject to stock condition during race pack distribution. The organizer does not warrant any request in size.
^^If there is no option of the particular size in the enrollment system, it means this size already out of stock. No size can be changed after enrollment.


獎項 Awards (10K)
全場男/女子總冠軍及各組別第一名至第八名皆可獲頒獎盃及豐富 獎品*
The Overall Male/Female champion and the champion to 8th runners in each category will receive a trophy and rich prizes*


獎項 Awards (5K)
The Overall Female champion and the champion to 2nd runners-up in each category will receive a trophy and rich prizes*


率先預覽賽後紀念品 Preview of Race Gift Pack


所有完成10公里賽事的參加者可獲得完賽獎牌、adidas運動拉繩袋、ANESSA 12ml 金鑽高效防曬霜、GigaSports運動毛巾及跑步腰帶。
All 10K finishers will receive finisher medal, adidas sack, ANESSA 12ml gold lotion, GigaSports towel & running belt.

* 圖片只供參考。
* Photos are for reference only.

所有完成5公里女子組別的參加者可獲得完賽紀念手鐲、adidas運動拉繩袋、獅王休足時間清涼足貼6片裝、ANESSA 12ml 金鑽高效防曬霜及文GigaSports運動內衣洗衣袋
All 5K finisher will receive finisher bracelet, adidas sack, Kyusoku Jikan 6pc Cooling Sheet, ANESSA 12ml gold lotion & GigaSports Bra Washing Bag

* 圖片只供參考。
* Photos are for reference only.

有關賽事最新消息,請密切留意GigaSports Facebook專頁!For more race details, please stay tune with GigaSports Facebook page!


報名方法Entry Procedures

  1. 網上報名 Online Registration:
    請登入 填寫參賽者資料,及以信用卡(Visa/Mastercard) 繳付報名費。
    Fill and submit the online enrolment form on and pay your enrolment fee by credit card (Visa/MasterCard)


注意事項 Important Notices

  • 參賽者必須仔細閱讀『比賽規則』。報名申請一經遞交,即代表參賽者確認及同意接受一切賽事的規則、條款和安排。
    Participants must study the ‘Rules and Regulations’ carefully. Participants who completed the registration process agreed to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the race that has been signed up.
  • 參賽資格一經接納,報名費將不獲退還及不可轉讓。大會將於收到申請後十個工作天內發出確認。如未有預期收到確認電郵,請立即與大會聯絡。
    Once the entry is accepted, entry fee and submitted materials are non-refundable & non-transferable under any circumstances. An Acknowledgement Email will be sent to the registered email address within 10 working days after the Organizer has received the application. Otherwise, please contact the Organizer immediately.
  • 重複的報名,將被算作一個單一的報名。額外的報名費不予退還,並不能轉移到其他申請人或賽事。提交的報名資料將不予退還。
    Repeated entries will be counted as a single entry. The extra fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another applicant or race. Also, the submitted materials will not be returned.
  • 參賽者只可報名參加屬於自己的年齡組別。(年齡是以出生年份計算。如於1996年11月出生,年齡為22歲,所屬組別為1996年)
    Applicant should register to their respective age group. (Age is counted base on the year of birth. Example, born in Nov 1996, your age is 22. Your age group category should be 1996)


賽事包 Race Pack

  • 成功報名的參加者將會收到一封確認電郵。假如您於登記後未有收到有關的確認電郵,請聯絡我們(電郵;電話:(852) 2117 1650)。
    A confirmation email will be sent to the participants upon successful registration. If you do not receive the confirmation email after your registration, please contact us by email or call (852) 2117 1650 for assistance.
  • 有關賽事包的領取通知將於活動前兩星期以電郵方式通知參加者。
    An email notice regarding collection of race pack will be sent to the registered participants two week before the event day.
  • 參加者需攜同通知電郵列印本或出示有關通知電郵以領取活動物資。
    Participants show either the printout or electronic version of the notification email to our staff to collect the event materials.


惡劣天氣 Bad Weather

  • 如於比賽前一天中午十二時或之後懸掛八號或以上颱風訊號,賽事將會取消。
    If Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted at any time from 12:00 noon on the day before race, the race will be cancelled.
  • 如於比賽當日凌晨十二時或之後懸掛黑色暴雨,賽事將會取消。
    If the Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted at any time from 12:00 am on the race day, the race will be cancelled.
  • 如天文台於比賽當日早上六時或之後懸掛紅色暴雨,雷暴或三號颱風警告,賽事將如期進行。
    Should the Red Rainstorm Signal, Thunderstorm Warning and Typhoon Signal No.3 is issued at any time from 6:00 am on the race day, the race will be continued.
  • 如比賽進行中天氣惡劣或懸掛上述任何警告,賽事總監有權將比賽賽程改變或取消正在進行中的比賽。報名費將不獲退還。
    Should the above Inclement Weather/Condition Warnings be raised after the commencement of race, the Race Director has the right to change the course distance or arrangement or to stop the race. If the race is being stopped, the race will be cancelled. Entry fee will not be refund.
  • 本賽事設補賽,補賽日期稍後通知。參賽者之報名費一概不作退款。
    The race has fall-back date. Fall-back date will be announced later. All paid fee will not be refunded.
  • 如賽事因天氣惡劣或其他原因而需改期補賽,運動員之報名將直接轉往補賽日。如運動員不能出席補賽日,報名費將不獲任何退款安排或轉讓給其他人。
    If race being rescheduled due to inclement weather or other reasons, athlete will automatically be carried forward to the rescheduled date, and your entry fee will not be refunded and may not be transferred to another applicant if you cannot participate.
  • 請在比賽早上致電香港天文台查詢有關天氣情況。(電話: 1878200)
    Please check the race day weather from the Hong Kong Observatory (Tel: 1878200)
  • 大會擁有修改及解釋以上規則的權利。
    The Organizer reserves the right to amend or clarify the above race rules.


報名活動查詢 Enrolment & Enquiry
賽事網頁 Website:
查詢熱線 Hotline: (852) 2117 1650
電郵 Email:

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