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兒童分區公園定向錦標賽 - 港島區
Match date:2009-03-07 | 所屬項目 :其它

兒童分區公園定向錦標賽 - 港島區
地 點:香港公園

Match date:2009-03-08 | 所屬項目 :其它

Venue:Ngong Ping, Lantau大嶼山昂坪
Embargoed Period: From 1/1/2009 until the competition ended
參加資格:   1. 在賽事舉行前最少三星期成為2008-2009年度之總會會員,及已向總會登記電子控制咭 All participants must be the members of OAHK and registered their E-Cards in the year 2008-2009 at least three weeks before the event
             2. 精英組別 (ME/WE)只限合資格賽員參加 Elite class (ME/WE) for qualified competitors only
組別:男子 Male  M10*,M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M21A, M35, M40, M45, M50, ME
         女子 Female   W10*,W12, W14, W16, W18, W20, W21A, W35, W40, W45, WE
*賽員如參加組別M10 或 W10,必需已完成總會註冊之訓練課程及公開賽(不包括公園比賽),並需獲屬會推薦。Competitor who join class M10 or W10 must complete an OAHK registered training course and finished successfully a registered open event
(excluding park orienteering competitions), and club’s recommendation is also required.
*此乃個人賽事,家長不能陪同參加。This is an individual competition. Competitors should complete the race on their own and are not allowed to be accompanied by their parent during the competition.
報名費:18歲組別或以下- 每場$45          Classes 18 or below – HK$45 person/event
            20歲組別或以上- 每場$60          Classes 20 or above – HK$60 person/event
獎項:各年齡組別全年排名冠、亞、季軍獎.The annual overall first 3 places in each age class will be awarded
報名:參加者請填妥報名表格,並附上劃線支票(抬頭請寫”香港野外定向總會”) 寄回總會,支票背面請寫上參加者姓名及比賽名稱.Mail the completed entry form with a crossed cheque made payable to the “Orienteering Association of Hong Kong” to our office. Please write down the name of the participant and the competition at the back of the cheque
地址:香港銅鑼灣掃桿埔大球場徑1號奧運大樓1014室. Room 1014, Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Website: www.oahk.org.hk/event/rl-2008-2009.htm

CLSA Outward Bound Adventure Race 2009
Match date:2009-03-15 | 所屬項目 :其它


由2002年開始, 外展越野挑戰賽讓參加者鍛鍊其意志與體力,同時發揮團隊合作精神、發掘領導和應變才能。比賽所籌得的善款將用以資助過百名經濟有需要的青年參加外展訓練課程,幫助他們個人成長, 勇敢面對將來各種挑戰。



Today's Youth For Hong Kong's Tomorrow!
Outward Bound develops decision makers for Asia's leading city

Adventure Race is an annual fund raising event of Outward Bound Hong Kong. The aim of this race is to provide an opportunity for participants to challenge themselves physically and mentally, as well as developing their teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills.This year, we hope to raise about one million, the fund raised will be used to subsidise the underprivileged youth to join Outward BoundRcourses that help to bring about their personal growth.


活動: 香港一日越野挑戰賽
日期: 2009年3月15日 (星期日)
時間: 早上7時至下午4時 (包括頒獎典禮)
總距離: 約15-20 公里
地點: 香港東起步; 終點於赤柱
賽事所須時間: 約3-5小時

Event: One-day adventure race in Hong Kong
Date: 15 March 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 0730 - 1600 (including prize presentation ceremony)
Distance: About 15-20 km
Venue: tarts at Hong Kong East; finishes at Stanley
Length: Approximately 3-5 hours

Match date:2009-03-15 | 所屬項目 :其它

日期/時間:15/3/2009 (星期日) / 09:00 – 18:00
  男/女子   少年A組 (8 - 10歲, 1999-2001年出生)
  男/女子   少年B組 (11 -13歲, 1996-1998年出生)
  男/女子   少年C組 (14 -16歲, 1993-1995年出生)
  男/女子   少年D組 (17- 20歲, 1989-1992年出生)
比賽形式:以頂繩形式以作賽  All in Top Rope style
地點 :石硤尾體育館-攀石場
獎項/紀念品:各組設有冠、亞、季軍獎項,但少於三名參加的組別只設冠軍獎. 另各參賽者均可獲得精美比賽T-恤乙件
報名費用:少年A/B/C/D組  每人 (60元)
報名辦法:填妥表格及聲明後連同報名費(支票[抬頭寫”香港攀登運動總會有限公司”]或 銀行存款[戶口號碼# 400-268256-292, 香港上海匯豐銀行] (收據影印本或 網上銀行存款收據列印本)郵寄至本會(地址: 香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道505號電業城15樓 )
 1. 參賽者需自行帯備食品/飲品.
 2. 查詢電話 : 6019 8344 / 查詢電郵 : competition@hkscu.org
 3. 參賽者(18歲或以上)必須填妥申請表, 聲明及私隱權聲明
 4. 參賽者如未滿18歲, 必須填妥申請表, 家長/監護人同意聲明及私隱權聲明 並由家長/監護人簽署

 Website: www.hkscu.org

兒童分區公園定向錦標賽 - 九龍區
Match date:2009-03-21 | 所屬項目 :其它

兒童分區公園定向錦標賽 - 九龍區
地 點:荔枝角公園

「心連心 光明行2009」步行籌款
Match date:2009-03-22 | 所屬項目 :其它

香港盲人體育會將於2009年3月22日(星期日)舉辦「心連心 光明行2009」步行籌款





有興趣參加的會員,請於2009年2月20日(星期五)上午10時30分開始,親自致電2789 3383報名。


Cable & Wireless Women’s 7s (Rugby) -  So Kon Po
Match date:2009-03-27 | 所屬項目 :其它

Friday, 27th March 2009
Hong Kong Football Club
Happy Valley & HK Stadium Final

For Detals Contact:
Hong Kong Rugby Football Union
Tel:25048300 (Robbie Mcrobbie) Womensrugbysevens@hkrugby.com 
Website: www.hkrugby.com

Cathay Pacific/Credit Suisse Hong Kong 7s (Rugby) - HK Stadium
Match date:2009-03-27 - 2009-03-29 | 所屬項目 :其它

Date : March 27 - 29, 2009 (Friday to Sunday) 
Venue  : Hong Kong Stadium 
Time  :
March 27 (Friday) 04:30 pm - 9:15 pm
March 28 (Saturday) 10:30 am - 7:15 pm
March 29 (Sunday)  09:45 am - 6:40 pm  
Organiser  : Hong Kong Rugby Football Union 
Co-Title Sponsors  : Cathay Pacific Airways and Credit Suisse  
Stadium Capacity  : 40,000
Total Prize Money  : US$150,000 
Prize Money Breakdown  : Cup Champion US$100,000
Cup Runner - up US$25,000
Semi-finalist US$12,500 each 
Official Draw  : February 19, 2009 
Country With Most Wins  : Fiji - 11New Zealand - 9 Australia - 5 England - 4
Format  : At the Official Draw for the Cathay Pacific/Credit Suisse Hong Kong Sevens 2009, the 24 participating teams will be drawn into six pools of four teams each.
Day 1 (12 games)  : Each team plays one game in their pool.
Day 2 (24 games)  : Each team plays another two games to complete the round-robin pool competition. The group winners and the two second-placed teams with the best records, progress to the Cup Competition. The four remaining second-placed teams and the four, third-placed teams with the best records progress to the Plate Competition. The remaining eight teams progress to the Bowl Competition. 
Day 3 (21 games)  : Quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of each of the Bowl, Plate and Cup competitions. 
Match Duration  : Seven minutes each way with two-minute intervals for pool, knock-out matches. Bowl and Plate finals and sevens minutes each way with two-minute intervals; 10 minutes each way for the Cup final.