A-Mazing Carnival 親子迷宮嘉年華

Event Single
  • 2018-06-02
  • 香港

踏入夏天,是時候與陽光玩遊戲!小朋友可聯同家長到中環海濱活動空間舉行的「親子迷宮嘉年華」齊齊挑戰一連串迷宮障礙,享受親子樂同時考驗小朋友的勇氣,跨過障礙物,奔向終點! It's time for some outdoor fun challenge! A-Mazing Carnival, designated for kids and parents, will be your must-go carnival this summer! Tackle the maze-like obstacles and enjoy a family fun day at the Central Harbourfront Event Space!

活動日期 Event date︰ 2018年6月2日(星期六)2 June 2018
活動地點 Venue: 中環海濱活動空間Central Harbourfront Event Space
活動網站 Event Website: a-mazing.sportsoho.com
合辦機構 Co-organized by:

查詢電郵 Enquiry Email:info@sportsoho.com

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