Repulse Bay Triple 2019

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Match date: 2019-10-26

Repulse Bay Triple 2019
Date: Saturday 26 Oct 2019
Location: Repulse Bay Beach, Hong Kong
15:30 Race 1 – 300m (1 round of 300m swim + beach run) (time allowed: 15 min)
15:45 Race 2 – 600m Race (2 rounds of 300m swim + beach run) (time allowed: 30 min)
16:15 Race 3 – 900m (3 rounds of 300m swim + beach run) (time allowed: 45 min)
3 high-intensity interval swims, each swimmer will need to complete all 3 races to get a total race time. Swimmers with the fastest accumulated total race time will be the winners of the event.

Repulse Bay Triple 2019
15:30 比賽1  -  300米(1x300米游泳+海灘跑)(時限15分鐘)
15:45 比賽2  -  600米比賽(2x300米游泳+海灘跑)(時限30分鐘)
16:15 比賽3  -  900米(3x300米游泳+海灘跑)(時限45分鐘)
3次高強度間隔游泳,每位游泳運動員需要完成所有3場比賽才能獲得總比賽時間。 總累積時間最快的游泳選手將成為賽事的獲勝者。

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