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Hi, just entered but where and when do I pick up my bib and chip? Can I get it on the morning of the race? Thanks.

worf  2887 days ago

pls send your inquiry to, or you can register online

史波  2888 days ago

賽前約兩星期會發出領取賽事包安排, 敬請到時留意!

史波  2889 days ago

t shirt 幾時可以拿?thx

brianccc12244  2891 days ago

Camille Chan, 可以入數到恆生 帳號 774-207401-883, 並將填妥之報名表格,連同銀行現金存款收據正本 (於背面寫上參賽者之姓名及聯絡電話),郵寄到飛達田徑會(沙田火炭村74號地下), 請註明[第二屆飛達秋季長跑]

史波  2910 days ago

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