AXA安盛香港街馬10公里 - By 倫仔

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Chi Kit  2558 days ago

forget the results 啦
it is of no significant reference value
as the race(s) is / are """free to run"""
you may join any future races (if they are really arranging for any) without any complicated application procedures


hkszeto  2774 days ago


Yuen Man Yue  2775 days ago

i went to take a look of the AXA Kln East 10 km race yesterday;
the scene was very bustling, so that although certain celebrity guests were invited, only their voice from the loudspeakers could be noticed;
the route is quite congested, and although races will be held Sun and PH, and this is the old airport runway rather than Causeway Bay street, and 50,000 runners for a period of less than 2 hours rather than 73,000 racers for a period of 6 hours, it is obviously no enough space to accommodate the running queue;
Rather, participants shall be limited to 5,000 only, next year


Szeto, H.K.

hkszeto  2775 days ago


ymc1016  2821 days ago

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