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你應該係見到我地班人 ... 係呀科學園開左間舖有得租來玩!

gelunmak  4195 days ago

請問係唔係有得租 or 試玩?

RunRunKid  4195 days ago

yeah ... was riding at high speed and cornering!

gelunmak  4193 days ago

this shot is Very nice

Adam T.  4194 days ago

嘩! 原來我都幾識貨. 確實係貴野.

MA G C  4185 days ago

Baron Low-Racer, Brand new HK$20,500 !

Frame is fixed ... the boom can be adjusted for different leg length.

gelunmak  4186 days ago


vava  4188 days ago


MA G C  4190 days ago

請問lee 類單車要幾多錢一部呢?

Wong+Gi+Gi  4192 days ago

I would say it's not difficult to ride! Just need time to familiar with the new riding posture (the major Centre of Gravity is shifted backward only) ... some people can do it in the first try ... i need around 5min to pick up this new toy!
Bty, the required muscle set on the leg is different from usual.

gelunmak  4193 days ago

I saw this type of Bike in Nam Sang Wai, so Funny. But is it difficult to ride?

Adam T.  4194 days ago

o甘! 踩lee種單車同普通單車技巧上有冇分別呢?

Wong+Gi+Gi  4194 days ago

呢種 Recumbent 同普通單車 (upright bike) 一樣, 都係俾人踏 ! 特別用途可以話係長途時會舒服好多。especially over 1~2 hrs , patpat 和 背脊都冇痛! 所以有d設計係 for Touring!

另外,好處係會快d, 主要因風阻細。 快 10-15% 左右!

還有, 個人經驗, crash (炒) 時會比較安全!

gelunmak  4194 days ago


Wong+Gi+Gi  4194 days ago