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Habitat Challenge Day 2012

所屬項目: 行山

Match date: 2012-12-09

賽事成績 Race Results:

疾跑族 Runner
- 疾走族 Dasher
步走族 Pacer



活動日期 2012年12月9日(星期日)
活動時間 上午10時至下午3時
距離 約14公里
活動地點 東涌至大澳
起步禮地點 鄰近東涌東薈城
起步禮時間 上午10時正
活動名額 1,000人
紀念品 凡於8月31日前遞交捐款者將獲贈吳彥祖及莫文蔚簽名紀念TEE乙件。

我們生活於香港這個繁榮國度,每天縈繞著的事情猶如星宿,然而世界上卻有著一夥人,心中只有一個最簡單的信念 – 尋找自己容身之所。天高海深,或許我們他們未必會相遇上,但是善心可能就是解開彼此心鎖的一柄鑰匙,將大同理想彰顯出來。
仁人家園在香港統籌的項目 - 「大澳棚屋復修計劃」於2010年開始,為期3年,目標為全港最後一個水鄉的原居民 – 大澳的退休長者復修棚屋,以改善因天然及人為因素而日漸欠缺規格的居住環境。各步走族及疾走族朋友亦可順度參觀是項計劃之受助長者家園。


步走族 Pacer - 重尋大澳後樂園體驗之行
組別 限制 籌募目標(港幣) 備註  
個人-成人 19-60歲 HK$500  
個人-中學生 12-18歲 HK$250
夢幻組合(4人) 12-60歲 共HK$1,500 每組包括最多兩名18歲或以下參加者,適合4人家庭或同學們報名
希望之隊 10人或以上 每人最少$400 每隊可包括橫額制作
疾走族 Dasher- 考驗合作精神的通識之旅
雙人-男子 18-60歲 共HK$800  
雙人-親子 子女:12-17歲 共HK$750 必須父或母與12-17歲子/女參加
疾跑族 Runner- 體能大考驗
16-19歲 HK$500  

# 年齡以2012年減參加者出生年份, 不計算月日。





1) 網上捐款:請登入http://www.habitatchina.org/hcd2012payment (參與者需先獲發申請編號才登入此頁)


2) 直接銀行存款/自動櫃員機轉賬:

香港上海匯豐銀行戶口502-476591-002 (港元)

請將存款通知書﹝註明仁人家園慈善大步走及你的參賽編號﹞傳真往25204020 或電郵至 enquiry@habitatchina.org


3) 支票捐款:


支票抬頭:Habitat for Humanity China Limited / 中華仁人家園協會有限公司




Date : 9th December 2012 (Sunday)
Time : 10:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m
Distance : 14km approximately
Location : Tung Chung to Tai O
Opening Ceremony : nearby Citygate, Tung Chung
Kick-off Time : 10:00 a.m
Capacity : 1,000 persons
Souvenir : Participants who donate before 31st August 2012 will receive one souvenir T-shirt

Habitat Challenge Day 2012 aims to support the house restoration and mitigation projects of Habitat For Humanity China. This event to be held on 9th Decemeber 2012 (Sun) will start from Tung Chung and end at Tai O (Tung O Ancient Trail). It echoes Habitat’s Tai O Stilt House Restoration and Community Development Project. By joining this event, you will not only be able to deliver benevolence to the impoverished, but also have an enjoyable time indulging in the scenic beauty at countryside.
Habitat for Humanity International is a worldwide, non-governmental charitable organization dedicated to eradicate poverty housing and homelessness. Through volunteer labor and donations, Habitat worked in partnership with low-income families to build simple and decent houses. Since its foundation in 1976 in the US, Habitat has helped build more than 500,000 safe and affordable houses serving over 2.5 million people across six continents.
Habitat for Humanity China’s Tai O Stilt House Restoration and Community Development Project which started in May 2010 and completed in June 2012 aimed to improve the living conditions and revitalize the local community of Tai O by restoring and repairing historic stilt homes for low-income elderly families. Through restoration instead of reconstruction, both economic development and heritage preservation have been promoted. On 9th Dec, participants can share the joy and success of this Project.

Race Categories & Donations

Pacer – Walking Around Tai O and Having a Joyful Experience
Suitable for corporate teams, family teams and beginners aged from 12 to 60. It will be a great time to get along with friends, colleagues and family to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural environment at the Tung O Ancient Trail and buy Tai O’s souvenirs at the finishing point. There is no time limit. Certificate will be given to participants who finish the whole journey.
Group Limited Donation Target Remarks  
Individual – Adult Aged 19 - 60 HK$500  
Individual – Secondary School Student Aged 12 - 18 HK$250
Fantastic Four (4 persons) Aged 12 - 60 共HK$1,500 At least 2 participants are aged 18. Family or students are welcome.
Team of Hope 10 persons or more At least HK $400 per person Each team will be provided with a banner
Dasher – A Trip To Experience Teamwork
Time limit in 200 minutes. The Dashers are required to overcome three check-point challenges which covering area in also knowledge and creation related to Habitat For Humanity and Tai O history. Teams complete the tasks can get a surprise gift.
2-Person Male Aged 18 - 60 HK$800/team  
2-Person Female
2-Person Mixed
2-Person Family Kids: Aged 12 - 17 HK$750/team Parent must pair up with kid adged 12 -17
Individual - Adults
Aged 16 - 19 HK$500  
Aged 20 - 29
Aged 30 - 39
Aged 40 - 49
Aged 50 or above

# Subtract birth year from 2012 is calculated as participant’s age, not including month and date.

Enrolment Method

(Not applicable for Team of Hope)

Download Application Form

Donation Methods

1) Online payment: Log in http://www.habitatchina.org/hcd2012payment (Participants need an application code to log in this page)


2) Direct deposit in bank/ transform via ATM:

HSBC Account: 502-476591-002 (HK$)

Please keep the receipt (state Habitat Challenge Day 2012 and this application form) Fax to 2520 4020 or e-mail to enquiry@habitatchina.org


3) Cheque:

Please fill up the application form together with a crossed cheque made payable to “Habitat for Humanity China Limited”, Address: 17/F, Sun House, 181 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan.


Overall awards:
Team with the highest donation raised
Individual with the highest donation raised
3 Team with the largest number of participants
Runner/ Dasher award:
Champion, 1st and 2nd runners up for each category


主辦單位 Organizer:

金贊助 Gold Sponsor:

協辦單位 Co-organizer:

企劃顧問 Project Advisor:

大會指定飲品 Official Drinks:

支持單位 Supporting Organization:

仁人家園慈善大步走-Photo Albums


仁人家園慈善大步走 - Posts

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