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AXA 安盛香港街馬10公里@九龍東2014

AXA HONG KONG STREETATHON 10km@kowloon east 2014

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Rur Our City Results


Thank you for your support! Enrolment is full.


AXA HONG KONG STREETATHON 10km@kowloon east 2014


STREETATHON is to run on the streets. We also run on flyovers, stairs, and narrow alleys. We run into the daily lives of the people and happenings in our community. We feel the pulse of the city. We run our city!


STREETATHON starts at 8:30am when the city is alive and bustling. Your family and friends are most welcome to take part in STREETATHON: to give you support, to cheer for you and witness your efforts.


The event does not end when you have reached the finish line. In addition to enjoying street run and the atmosphere en route, you can participate in a Carnival to capture the fun after your run. RunOurCity has put together a concert, performances, games and food to make this special Sunday morning a memorable one for runners, spectators and the local community.


Proceeds from the event, after deducting expenses, will go to community charitable organizations in Kowloon East (including Hong Kong Student Aid Society, Christian Family Service Centre, Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service) and RunOurCity Foundation Limited in support of the pilot Youth Street-run Program which commenced on 30 September 2013.


AXA HONG KONG STREETATHON, Free to Run! Join us now!


Event Date : 23 March 2014 (Sunday)
Race Start Time : 8:30am
Quota : 5,000 (limited spaces on a first-come, first-served basis)
Application Period : 10 January 2014 – 10 February 2014
Requirement : aged over 16 (on 23Mar2014)
Route : 10km, starts and ends in Kai Tak Cruise Terminal through Kwun Tong Promenade, Kwun Tong industrial and commercial district and Kowloon Bay residential area
Route Map : http://runourcity.org/en/img/map.jpg
Time Limit : 2 hours
Categories : A. Individual (Male/Female)
- Junior (Born in 1995-1998)
- Senior (Born in 1980-1994)
- Advanced (Born in 1970-1979)
- Master (Born in 1969 or before)
B. Team
- consist of 4 members
- regardless of gender or age
- all members of the team must cross the finish line in order to be ranked
- team members are encouraged to pass the finish line at the same time
- the finish time of the last member will be counted as the finish time of the whole team
Prizes : A. Individual
- The top 10 runners of each category will receive a trophy
- Three prizes for the Funniest Outfit

The top 10 teams will get a trophy
Three prizes for the Funniest Outfit
The most committed organization (The top three companies or organizations with the most teams will each get a trophy)
C. Organization
- The top three most committed organizations with the most runners will each get a trophy.
* Fabulous prizes to be confirmed

Registration Fee :
  Early Bird
(Quota :3,500 ; first-come, first-served basis)
Basic Fee
A.Individual HK $280 HK $480
B.Team HK $1,080 HK $1,880
Certificate : runners who finish the race within the set time will receive a certificate via email
Finisher Medal : runners who finish the race within the set time will be presented with a medal at the finish line
Souvenir : all runners will get a T-shirt and a souvenir pack
HONG KONG STREETATION Carnival admission : all runners and their family and friends are welcome to join the carnival. Runners can present their bibs for admission. Two free admission tickets will be distributed to all runners prior to the event
Transportation : • Walking
1. We encourage runners to get to the starting point on foot to familiarize with the route and warm up.
2. From Ngau Tau Kok MTR station to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal takes around 25 minutes
• Free shuttle bus service for runners (Yau Tong MTR station <-> Kai Tak Cruise Terminal)
1. Free shuttle bus service is available for runners from 6:00am-7:20am
2. Shuttle bus service will also be provided for the participants of the carnival from 8:45am to 1:00pm
Event Webiste : http://www.runourcity.org
Application Form : http://www.runourcity.org/tc/pdf/AXA_HK_STREETATHON_2014_Reg_form.pdf
Enquiry : Tel: +852 5319 9393 (office hour: Mon-Fri: 10:00am-6:00pm)

Please read the rules carefully before you fill in the application form.

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Chi Kit  577 days ago

forget the results 啦
it is of no significant reference value
as the race(s) is / are """free to run"""
you may join any future races (if they are really arranging for any) without any complicated application procedures


hkszeto  793 days ago


Yuen Man Yue  794 days ago

i went to take a look of the AXA Kln East 10 km race yesterday;
the scene was very bustling, so that although certain celebrity guests were invited, only their voice from the loudspeakers could be noticed;
the route is quite congested, and although races will be held Sun and PH, and this is the old airport runway rather than Causeway Bay street, and 50,000 runners for a period of less than 2 hours rather than 73,000 racers for a period of 6 hours, it is obviously no enough space to accommodate the running queue;
Rather, participants shall be limited to 5,000 only, next year


Szeto, H.K.

hkszeto  794 days ago


ymc1016  840 days ago

Can someone explain what "Free to Run" means.... there is still a $280/480 registration fee....

dd44  841 days ago

$280 封成條街你跑,算係咁!

williamlohk  843 days ago

好多人都鐘意keep張證書留念, 包括我自己

kylieto  848 days ago




pmak500  848 days ago

Don'grumble, take it easy and enjoy your run

LoAlbertChunMing  849 days ago

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