單車 Matchs
香港越野單車挑戰賽 2021
Match date:2021-12-11 | 所屬項目 :單車

香港越野單車挑戰賽 2021
日期: 2021年12月11日(星期日)
時間:8:00am精英組; 8:30am 挑戰組
距離: 33KM 精英組; 25km 挑戰組
時限: 5小時
網站: http://xterace.com/Patagonia-HK-MTB-Enduro-Challenge

Patagonia HK MTB Enduro Challenge
Date: 11 December 2021 (Sunday)
Venue: Main Dam, Tai Lam Chung Reservoir
Time: 8:00am (Elite); 8:30am (Challenge)
Time Limit:  5 hours
Distance: Elite 33KM; Challenge25km
Website: http://xterace.com/Patagonia-HK-MTB-Enduro-Challenge

Match date:2021-11-14 | 所屬項目 :單車

日期:2021年11月14日 (星期日)

Match date:2021-11-07 | 所屬項目 :單車

日期:2021年11月7日 (星期日)

Match date:2021-05-13 - 2021-05-16 | 所屬項目 :單車

日期: 2021年5月13至16日
時間: 13/5 1100-2004 : 14/5 1100-2046; 15/5 1200-2134 ; 16/50900-1816
地點: 將軍澳單車館
網頁: http://ucitnationscup.hk

單車SUNday Virtual Race 2021 - 決賽
Match date:2021-05-01 | 所屬項目 :單車


主辦: 單車SUNday
SHKP Supernova Cycling Team
支持機構: 新地單車學院
贊助: 新鴻基地產
技術支援: Law’s Cycle
活動 日期 時間 地點
初賽 24-4-2021 (星期六) 3:00pm - 4:00pm 不限
決賽 1-5-2021 (星期六) 4:00pm – 7:00pm 帝逸酒店
對象: 身處香港的單車友
費用: 免費
紀念品: 參加者完成初賽後可獲得一田港幣$200現金券乙張,大會將會以郵寄方式派發。
截止報名日期: 額滿即止
電郵: sundayvr2021@sportsoho.com
網站: 按此查詢
查詢熱線: (852) 2117 1650
單車SUNday Virtual Race 2021 - 初賽
Match date:2021-04-24 | 所屬項目 :單車


主辦: 單車SUNday
SHKP Supernova Cycling Team
支持機構: 新地單車學院
贊助: 新鴻基地產
技術支援: Law’s Cycle
活動 日期 時間 地點
初賽 24-4-2021 (星期六) 3:00pm - 4:00pm 不限
決賽 1-5-2021 (星期六) 4:00pm – 7:00pm 帝逸酒店
對象: 身處香港的單車友
費用: 免費
紀念品: 參加者完成初賽後可獲得一田港幣$200現金券乙張,大會將會以郵寄方式派發。
截止報名日期: 額滿即止
電郵: sundayvr2021@sportsoho.com
網站: 按此查詢
查詢熱線: (852) 2117 1650
WattBike Challenge 2021
Match date:2021-04-22 - 2021-06-06 | 所屬項目 :單車

活動簡介 Introduction:

來自英國的 Wattbike室內單車,獲得 UCI國際單車聯盟以及被世界各國的專業運動隊伍所採用,以科學的準確性收集實時數據,從而使騎手可以同時改善體能和踩踏技術。Wattbike旨在提升每位運動員的表現,無論您是初學者還是精英運動員,都會因此而進步。

Watt Cycling Academy Powered by Wattbike是英國 Wattbike認可的亞太區單車培訓練機構。我們提供單車相關產品體驗、訓練教學、教練證書課程服務、組織單車旅遊及帶隊出國參加單車比賽活動服務。

透過課堂及參加者親身體驗,讓大眾加深對Wattbike - 智能室內單車的認識。活動除了包含3節Wattbike課堂外,還為參加者提供一個Wattbike 10KM測試,給參加者體驗它的真實性。

Wattbike indoor cycling from England was qualified by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Wattbike was chosen by professional sport teams around the globe as it could provide accurate real-time data and help athletes to improve their physique and pedalling technique at the same time. Wattbike aims at enhancing users’ sport performance, be it beginners or elite athletes.

Watt Cycling Academy is empowered by Wattbike in England as the Asia-Pacific cycling training organisation. Watt Cycling Academy offers cycling experimental sessions, training, coach certification and services in organising cycling trips and leading cyclists to participate in competitions abroad.

By offering lessons and experimental sessions, Watt Cycling Academy hopes to increase public awareness on the intellectual indoor cycling organisation- Wattbike. ThreeWattbike lessons and a 10km challenge will be included in the event which allows participants to obtain comprehensive cycling experience.

活動詳情 Details:

合辦機構 Co-organizer Sportsoho & Watt Cycling Academy
活動日期 Date 2021年4月22日 至2021年6月6日
22 April 2021 to 6 June 2021
課堂地點 Location Watt Cycling Academy
火炭山尾街 31-41號華樂工業中心 A座 13樓18室
18, 13/F, Block A, Wah Lok Industrial Centre, 31-41 San Mei Street, Fo Tan, Hong Kong
組別及報名費 Category & Fee
Registration Fee
Male Individual
Female Individual
活動流程 Activity

Reservation for lessons can be made after online registration.

Wattbike課堂1: 臨界功率或次大測試(約45分鐘)
Wattbike Lesson 1: Testing for FTP or submax (within 45mins)

Wattbike課堂2: 單車功率訓練/ 應用訓練(約75分鐘)
Wattbike Lesson 2: Power Cycling Training / Practical Training (Within 75mins)

Wattbike課堂3: 具體技巧訓練/個人教練訓練(約75分鐘)
Wattbike Lesson 3: Specific Technique Training / Personal Coach Training (within 75mins)

#The 10KM Fastest Time will be recorded during Lesson 2 or Lesson 3

#Top 10 participants of 10KM Time Trial will go into the final on 6 June

紀念品 Souvenir

所有參賽者可獲 Each participant will receive

  1. 深層組織按摩滾筒 RumbleRoller 12" Compact Xtra Firm Textured Foam Roller (價值Value HKD$350) x1
    或 or
    4呎全方位彈力棒 Stick Mobility 4 feet (價值Value HKD$400) x1
    及 and
  2. 活動紀念T恤Event T-shirt x1
  3. *Namedsport能量食品 Namedsport Energy Bar x1
  4. Supamax單車手套 Supamax Cycling Glove x1 (只限首50位報名的參加者 For the first 50 participants ONLY)
Energy bar will have different type and taste, all product is provided on a first come first serve
名額 Quota 500人 Person
截止報名日期 Enrollment Deadline 額滿即止
Enrollment is on first come first served basis
查詢電話 Enquiry Hotline 3468 2145
電郵 E-mail wattcycling@sportsoho.com

紀念品 Souvenir:

4呎全方位彈力棒 Stick Mobility 4 feet


The Mobility Stick is a flexible tool used to create tension, leverage, stability, and body awareness.
Designed for professional use in gyms, medical facilities, and on the sports field. They are made in the USA and can be used outdoors, are 100% waterproof, and easy to clean.

深層組織按摩滾筒 RumbleRoller 12" Compact Xtra Firm Textured Foam Roller


RumbleRoller Xtra Firm Rollers are constructed using the same patented series of bumps continuously knead the contours of your body, gently stretching soft tissue in multiple directions and effectively hitting trigger points but on a firmer roller.
Firmer isn't always better. Going too firm jeopardizes your ability to use your roller on all body parts or to relax your muscles fully.

活動紀念T恤 Event T-shirt

尺碼 XS S M L XL
胸闊(厘米) 44.5 47 50 52.5 55
身長(厘米) 64 66 67 71 73.5
  • 大會不保證能提供所選擇之尺碼,尺碼分配需視乎領取紀念品包之先後次序及貨量而定,所有尺碼先到先得。
    T-shirt size availability is provided on a first come first serve basis during registration and subject to stock condition during souvenir pack distribution.
  • 如報名時於系統未能選擇某尺碼,則表示該尺碼已沒有存貨,請自行衡量再報名。
    The organizer does not warrant any request in size. If there is no option of the particular size in the enrollment system, it means this size already out of stock.
  • 一經報名,所有尺碼不設更改。
    No size can be changed after enrollment.
  • 效果圖及產品顏色只供參考。
    Picture and color are for reference ONLY.

獎項 Prize

組別 Category 冠軍 Champion 亞軍 1st runner-up 季軍 2nd runner-up
個人男子組 Male Individual 獎金HK$2,000 + 獎盃
HK$2,000 cash prize + Trophy
獎金HK$1,500 + 獎盃*
HK$1,500 cash prize + Trophy*
獎金HK$1,000+ 獎盃**
HK$1,000 cash prize + Trophy**
個人女子組 Female Individual

* 如女子組人數不足4人,將不設亞軍
If the no. of female participants is less than four, only Champion will be awarded.

** 如女子組人數不足6人,將不設季軍
If the no. of female participants is less than six, only Champion and 1st runner-up will be awarded.



  • 參賽者必須仔細閱讀以下事項。報名申請一經遞交,即代表參賽者確認及同意接受一切賽事的規則、條款和安排。
    Participants must study the ‘Rules and Regulations’ carefully. The organizer assumes participants who completed the enrollment process agreed to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the event that has been signed up.
  • 參賽者個人意外保險需自行負責。
    Participants are advised to arrange their own insurance cover.
  • 參賽者必須確保其身體狀況適宜參加活動。如有疑問,請先諮詢醫生的意見。
    Participants must ensure that they are physically fit to join the event. The Organizer has the right to terminate or pause the participants if there is deemed to be any risk to their health. Participants must abide by this decision.
  • 參與資格一經接納,報名費將不獲退還及不可轉讓。大會將於收到申請後10個工作天內發出確認電郵。如未有收到確認電郵,請立即與大會聯絡。
    Confirmation will be sent to participants by e-mail within 10 working days after enrollment is received. If you do not receive the confirmation, please send your enquiry to wattcycling@sportsoho.com
  • 重複的報名,將被算作一個單一的報名。額外的報名費不予退還,並不能轉移到其他申請人或賽事。提交的報名資料將不予退還。
    No return, cancellation or transfer for all enrollments, including late and duplicate enrollments.
  • 不接受現場及逾期報名。
    On-site or late enrollment is not accepted.


其他事宜 Others

  • 所有禮品不可兌換現金。
    All prizes are not redeemable for cash.
  • 大會擁有修改及解釋以上規則的權利。
    The Organizer reserves the right to amend or clarify the above race rules.
全港山地車賽第5回合 - 落山賽
Match date:2021-03-14 | 所屬項目 :單車

全港山地車賽第5回合 - 落山賽
日期: 2021年3月14日﹝星期日﹞
網站: www.cycling.org.hk

新鴻基地產香港單車節 (取消)
Match date:2020-10-11 | 所屬項目 :單車

日期:2020年10月11日 (星期日)
網站: www.discoverhongkong.com/tc/see-do/events-festivals/highlight-events/cyclothon.jsp

港青南丫島山地車耐力賽 2020
Match date:2020-09-13 | 所屬項目 :單車

港青南丫島山地車耐力賽 2020
時間:9:30am - 10:00am
起點: 北角咀燈塔/終點: 香港基督教青年會南丫島戶外及環保活動中心
距離: "X" Loop 圈 - 4km 公里; "Y" Loop 圈 - 2km 公里 (5 小時)
網站: http://xterace.com/YMCA-Lamma-MTB-Enduro-Race

YMCA Lamma MTB Enduro Race
Date: 3 May 2020
Time: 9:30am - 10:00am
Start: YMCA Lamma Centre /Finsih: Pak Kok Tsui Light House
Distance: "X" Loop 圈 - 4km 公里; "Y" Loop 圈 - 2km 公里 (5hrs)
Website: http://xterace.com/YMCA-Lamma-MTB-Enduro-Race