斜路王 Ramp Challenge 2017 喜愛夜跑 2017 水動樂荃灣田徑會主席紀念盃 10公里黃昏賽2017


HKAHF Family Run Festival

所屬項目: 長跑

賽事時間: 2017-03-26

7-4-2017 Updated 更新

獎項 Prize
個人 Individual
3公里歡樂跑 3KM Fun Run

成績 Results
個人 Individual
3公里歡樂跑 3KM Fun Run




14-3-2017 Updated 更新

請注意:領取賽事包通知電郵已於14/3/2017發出, 如仍未收到領取賽事包通知電郵的者請先檢查"垃圾郵件箱", 亦可以電郵 與我們聯絡 HKAHF@sportsoho.com
Race pack pickup notice had been sent on 14th Mar 2017.You can check out your junk mail box first. Please contact us via email HKAHF@sportsoho.com for any enquiry.

*於13-3-2017 下午5時以後報名的參加者,將會獲另行通知有關賽事包領取的詳情,請留意閣下的電子郵箱。(備註:並不會於3月18日-20日領取賽事包。)


領取日期及時間 Pick Up Time:
18/3/2017 (星期六 Saturday) 10:00am – 7:00pm
19/3/2017 (星期日 Sunday) 10:00am – 7:00pm
20/3/2017 (星期一 Monday) 10:00am – 7:00pm


領取地點 Pick up Venue:
運動版圖有限公司 九龍新蒲崗彩虹道202-204號華懋工業大廈1樓A室 (鑽石山地鐵站A2出口)
Sportsoho Media Limited Flat A, 1/F, Wah Maw Factory Building, 202-204 Choi Hung Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon. Hong Kong. (MTR Diamond Hill Station Exit: A2)


NO free plastic shopping bags will be provided, please bring your own bag




賽事資訊 Event Information

2017年3月26日 (星期日)
26th March, 2017 (Sunday)
Sunny Bay
Start Time
Application Fee
10 km Individual
HK$ 200
3 km Individual
HK$ 100
3 km Fun Run
HK$ 200
All donations and entry fees will be donated to the Adventist Pediatric Heart Fund.
Application Deadline
15th March, 2017
Certificate of Achievement
名額 Quota 先到先得,額滿即止 First come, first served
參加者可獲贈 Every participant will receive:
1. 紀念 T恤乙件Event T-Shirt
  1. 10公里 / 3公里個人賽10km / 3 km Individual
    • 每組冠、亞及季軍均會獲頒發獎盃
      For each category, trophies will be awarded to the Champion, 1st & 2nd Runner-ups
  2. 3公里歡樂跑 / 3KM Fun Run
    • 最似模似樣大獎
    • 每組冠、亞及季軍均會獲頒發獎盃
      For each category, trophies will be awarded to the Champion, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner up.
  3. 「最高籌款獎」及「最多贊助人獎」
    There will be a "Top Fundraising Award" and a "Highest Number of Sponsors Award".
電郵 Email HKAHF@sportsoho.com


賽事組別 Category

比賽組別以出生年份計算 Category is calculated by year of birth

10 km Individual
男子組 Male 女子組 Female
Year of Birth
Year of Birth
男子成年組 (16-29歲)
Male Adult (Aged 16-29)
1988-2001 女子成年組 (16-29歲)
Female Adult (Aged 16-29)
男子先進1組 (30-39歲)
Male Senior 1 (Aged 30-39)
1978-1987 女子先進1組 (30-39歲)
Female Senior 1 (Aged 30-39)
男子先進2組 (40-49歲)
Male Senior 2 (Aged 40-49)
1968-1977 女子先進2組 (40-49歲)
Female Senior 2 (Aged 40-49)
男子元老組 (50-70歲)
Male Veteran (Aged 50-70)
1947-1967 女子元老組 (50-70歲)
Female Veteran (Aged 50-70)


3 km Individual
男子組 Male 女子組 Female 出生年份 Year of Birth
男子青年1組 (11-12歲)
Male Youth 1 (Aged 11 -12)
女子青年1組 (11-12歲)
Female Youth 1 (Aged 11 -12)
2005 - 2006
男子青年2組 (13-15歲)
Male Youth 2 (Aged 13 -15)
女子青年2組 (13-15歲)
Female Youth 2 (Aged 13 -15)
2002 - 2004
男子公開1組 (16-29歲)
Male Open 1 (Aged 16 - 29)
女子公開1組 (16-29歲)
Female Open 1 (Aged 16 - 29)
1988 - 2001
男子公開2組 (30-39歲)
Male Open 2 (Aged 30 - 39)
女子公開2組 (30-39歲)
Female Open 2 (Aged 30 - 39)
1978 - 1987
男子公開3組 (40-49歲)
Male Open 3 (Aged 40 - 49)
女子公開3組 (40-49歲)
Female Open 3 (Aged 40 - 49)
1968 - 1977
男子公開4組 (50-59歲)
Male Open 4 (Aged 50 - 59)
女子公開4組 (50-59歲)
Female Open 4 (Aged 50 - 59)
1958 - 1967
男子元老組 (60 -70歲)
Male Veteran (Aged 60 - 70)
女子元老組 (60 -70歲)
Female Veteran (Aged 60 - 70)
1947 - 1957


3KM Fun Run
Family Run
組別 Race Category 出生年份 Year of Birth
親子I組 父親及一名6-8歲小童
Father & Child aged 6-8
小童出生於 2009-2011
Adult aged 21 or above
Child born in 2009-2011
Mother & Child aged 6-8
親子II組 父親及一名9-11歲小童
Father & Child aged 9-11
小童出生於 2006-2008
Adult aged 21 or above
Child born in 2006-2008
Mother & Child aged 9-11

Team result will be calculated based on the last member who finished the run


賽事路線圖 Route Map


賽事 T恤尺碼表 Event T-Shirt Size Chart

尺寸 Size XS S M L XL
24" 25" 27" 28" 29"
1/2 胸闊
16" 17" 19" 21" 23"

T-Shirt size availability is provided on a first come first served basis during registration and subject to stock condition during race pack distribution. The organizer does not warrant any request in size.
^If there is no option of the particular size in the enrollment system, it means that this size is already out of stock. No size can be changed after enrollment.


賽事報名 Enrollment


  1. 網上報名:
    請登入www.HKAHF.sportsoho.com填寫報名表格(可以信用咭 (visa/master) 繳交報名費;或
    Fill and submit the online enrollment form and pay your enrollment fee by credit card (Visa/MasterCard)
  2. 郵寄:
    填妥報名表格,連同劃線支票,支票抬頭請寫「港安醫院慈善基金」,寄回香港九龍鑽石山彩虹道 202-204號 華懋工業大廈1樓B室收,信封面請註明「傳愛同心慈善跑 」;或
    Mail your completed, signed and dated enrollment form with bank-in slip or a local crossed cheque made payable to ‘Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation’ to ‘Flat B, 1/F., Wah Mow Factory Building, 202-204 Choi Hung Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong’, specify “HKAHF Family Run Festival” on the envelope.
  3. 傳真或電郵:
    請將有關費用存入「港安醫院慈善基金」恒生銀行帳號 773-433404-668,並將存款通知書及報名表格一併傳真至2117 0023 或電郵至HKAHF@sportsoho.com。
    Deposit the enrollment fee into ‘Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation’ account 773-433404-668(Hang Seng Bank)and either fax or email (scan copy) the deposit slip with completed enrollment form to 2117 0023 or HKAHF@sportsoho.com.


備註 Remarks

報名事宜 Enrollment


  • 參賽者必須仔細閱讀『比賽規則』,報名申請一經遞交,即代表參賽者確認及同意接受一切賽事的規則、條款和安排。
    Participants must study the ‘Rules and Regulations’ carefully. Participants who completed the registration process agreed to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the race that has been signed up.
  • 參賽者的個人意外保險需自行負責。
    Participants are advised to arrange their own insurance coverage.
  • 參賽者必須確保其身體狀況適宜參加比賽。如有疑問,請先諮詢醫生的意見。
    Participants should ensure their health conditions are suitable for the strenuous race. In cases of doubt, please seek medical advice in advance.
  • 參賽資格一經接納,報名費將不獲退還及不可轉讓。大會將於收到申請後十個工作天內發出確認。如未有在預期收到確認電郵,請立即與大會聯絡。
    Once the entry is accepted, entry fee and submitted materials are non-refundable & non-transferable under any circumstances. An Acknowledgement Email will be sent to the registered email address within 10 working days after the Organizer has received the application. Otherwise, please contact the Organizer immediately.
  • 重複的報名,將被算作一個單一的報名。額外的報名費將不予退還,及不能轉移到其他申請人或賽事。提交的報名資料將也不予退還。
    Repeated entries will be counted as a single entry. The extra fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another applicant or race. Also, the submitted materials will not be returned.
  • 大會不設退款及轉名安排;現場報名恕不受理。所有募捐之款項及報名費將會存入「港安幼苗心臟基金」。
    Refunds and change of participant's name will not be arranged. On-site walk-in enrollments will not be accepted. All donations and entry fees will be donated to the 'Adventist Pediatric Heart Fund'.
  • 參賽者只可報名參加屬於自己的年齡組別。(年齡是以出生年份計算。如於2003年12月出生,年齡為14歲,所屬組別為12-14 歲)
    Applicant should register according to their respective age group. (Age is counted based on the year of birth. Example, born in Dec 2003, your age is 14. Your age group category should be age 12 -14).


惡劣天氣 Adverse Weather

  • 如於比賽前一天中午十二時或之後懸掛八號或以上颱風信號,賽事將會取消。
    If Typhoon Signal No.8 or above is hoisted at any time from 12:00 noon on the day before race, the race will be cancelled.
  • 如於比賽當日凌晨十二時或之後懸掛黑色暴雨警告,賽事將會取消。
    If the Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted at any time from 12:00 am on the race day, the race will be cancelled.
  • 如天文台於比賽當日早上六時或之後懸掛紅色暴雨,雷暴或三號颱風信號,賽事將如期進行。
    If the Red Rainstorm Signal, Thunderstorm Warning and Typhoon Signal No.3 is issued at any time from 6:00 am on the race day, the race will be continued.
  • 如比賽進行中天氣惡劣或懸掛上述任何警告,賽事總監有權將比賽賽程改變或取消正在進行中的比賽。報名費將不獲退還。
    Should the above Inclement Weather/Condition Warnings be raised after the commencement of race, the Race Director has the right to change the course distance or arrangement or to stop the race. If the race is being stopped, the race will be cancelled. Entry fee will not be refunded.
  • 本賽事不設補賽。參賽者之報名費一概不作退款。
    The race has no fallback date. All paid fee will not be refunded.
  • 請在比賽早上致電香港天文台查詢有關天氣情況。(電話: 1878200)
    Please check the race day weather from the Hong Kong Observatory. (Tel: 1878200)
  • 其他事宜 Others

  • 如活動過程中須向大會查詢及要求協助,請到詢問處與工作人員聯絡。
    Should there be any emergencies or assistance needed during the event, participants shall contact the officials at the information center.
  • 所有禮品不可兌換現金。
    All prizes are not redeemable for cash.
  • 本賽事委員會擁有修改及解釋以上規則的權利。任何有關活動的臨時改動或取消,將以大會網站公報為準。
    The Organizer reserves the right of final decision of the event. Any changes or contingent measures for the event announced by the Organizer and posted on the Organizer’s website shall prevail.


查詢熱線Enquiry Hotline: 2117 1650 (秘書處 / Secretariat)
賽事網站 Event Website: www.HKAHF.sportsoho.com
電郵 Email : HKAHF@sportsoho.com



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